3 Ways That You Can Tell That You Need A Water Line Replacement

The main water line in your home connects your plumbing with the municipal water supply. When the line is installed and functioning properly, you will have few plumbing complications in the home. On the other hand, if the line has failed, you will have difficulties with the water supply in the home. 

Only a competent plumber can check the layout of the main water line and determine if it has problems. However, you need to know the signs of trouble so that you can call in the expert for a replacement. Here are three ways you can tell that you may need to replace your water line.

Are You Experiencing a Drop in Water Pressure?

The first thing that happens when the main water line bursts or gets a leak is a drop in the water pressure. Similarly, if there is a clog in the main water line, less water will be making its way into your home. This will lead to insufficient supply of water for bathing, in the kitchen faucets, and when flushing and refilling the toilet tank. 

If you have noticed a significant change in the pressure of water inside your home, and there is no shortage notice from the municipal supply, call in a plumber to check the status of the main water line.

Do You Have Unexplained Pools of Water in the Yard?

Another way that you can tell that you have problems with the main water line is the presence of inexplicable pools of water in your yard. When the main pipe bursts, water coming from the main supply will end up in the ground. Within a short time, the ground soaks up, and the rest stagnates in the yard.

The worst thing about the water lagging in the yard is that eventually, it loosens the soil, and turns your yard into a complete swamp or marshland. 

Has Your Water Bill Gone Up?

The other indicator that there are issues with your water supply is when you start receiving a higher water bill, and there is no sensible explanation for it. If the local council has not raised their tariffs, and you have not bought any new appliances that consume water, it is possible that your pipe has burst.

The most important thing is to call in a competent plumber to inspect the source of the problem and help fix it. Both clogged and burst pipes might need complete replacing, depending on the extent of the damage. 

For more information on water line replacement, contact a local plumber.

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