Does Your Foundation Require Repair?

Your home's foundation has the potential to experience a lot of damage. Even if you try to prevent issues like water damage, some things are simply not in your control. You might spot the signs of a foundation in need of repair anyway.

Do you have questions about your home's foundation? Not sure if your foundation needs to be repaired? These are a few signs you should look for indicating that your home may need some foundation work.

Doors Don't Shut

Has something shifted in your home in the last few years, prompting you to be unable to shut the doors? Perhaps the top or bottom part of the door is having problems closing properly so that you end up with a gap on one end and a very tight fit on the other. You might even have to force the door.

Walls Have Cracks

Your walls might develop cracks, which can indicate problems down below at the foundational level. This is something that often becomes apparent on the outside of the home. You may notice extremely large cracks that result from wall rotation. Outside, you may also see cracks in bricks and stones.


You may also notice separation around the home, especially near the garage, doors, and windows. You may notice cracks on the ground as well as large gaps that slowly or quickly developed. You might even see the moldings of the home, especially near doors and windows, cracking and separating as well.

Shifting Windows

Inside the home, you might see windows, doors, and other parts of your home that seem misaligned. They might shift just out of place, and you might not even notice it right away.

Floors Are Bulging

Do you have floors that appear to be bulging upward? Sometimes this leads to serious cracks in the floor, some of which come on slowly and then worsen over time. Eventually, you might see that the floors are becoming uneven, with one end of your home being slightly higher up than the other. One way to notice is that drawers and cabinets may begin opening on their own because of the force.

Get Help Now

If your foundation experiences a lot of signs that the foundation is in need of repair, it is a good time to call a professional. A foundation repair company, such as Du-West Foundation Repair, can help you determine if your foundation requires repair. The sooner you solve these problems, the better.  

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