Addressing Problems Your Tankless Water Heater Can Experience

A tankless water heater is an upgrade that can dramatically improve the performance of your home's plumbing. Yet, this is an upgrade that can also bring a range of problems that will have to be addressed. Otherwise, the homeowner could find themselves in quite the pickle with water damage or other issues.

Long Than Usual Warm-Up Period

While a tankless water heater will be able to provide an essentially endless stream of hot water, it will take longer to reach its optimal temperature. In most cases, this should only take a couple of seconds. However, if a problem is starting to develop with the system, it could experience a longer warm-up period that what is normal. Homeowners often fail to take this problem as seriously as they should due to the fact that the water will eventually reach its optimal temperature. However, the underlying cause of the problem is likely to worsen until the tankless water heater suffers a total mechanical failure or breakdown.

Smell From The Hot Water

The hot water coming from your water heater should be clear and smell clean. However, a bacteria problem can allow for the water to develop extremely unpleasant odors. Generally, these odors will have the smell of rotten eggs. In most cases, this odor will start out being very subtle, but the odor can rapidly increase as the number of bacteria increase. Thoroughly sanitizing the water heater will eliminate this problem so that you can have sanitary hot water without having to replace the entire system. This can be a difficult process as it will require extremely strong chemicals as well as being able to access the water heater. Only professionals tankless water heater repair contractors should be used for addressing this problem as it is easy to fail to fully eliminate all of the bacteria, which can allow the issue to return and become worse.

Leaking Seals Or Pipe Ruptures

A tankless water heater is essentially a long series of tubes and pipes that will have a number of heating elements in them. Unfortunately, this design will create a major risk of leaks developing as there will be many seals that could potentially fail. While a leaking tankless water heater can be a scary problem for a homeowner to encounter, repairing this may be simple. A professional will be able to quickly replace the damaged seal so that the leaks will stop and the performance of the water heater is restored.

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