Dangers Of Using Drain Cleaning Products

Do you ever experience slow-moving drains in your house or have drains that are completely clogged from time to time? If so, is drain cleaning solution something you use on often to help clear these lines? If you are using drain cleaner, it is important to know that there are some risks and dangers you should be aware of that arise from these types of products. Because of this, you may want to stop using drain cleaners and find a different way to clean your lines when they are clogged or moving slowly. Here are some of the risks and dangers of drain cleaning solutions.

The solutions can damage pipes and components of your plumbing system

If you look at a bottle of drain cleaner, you will notice that the ingredients in it are pretty harsh. The ingredients have to be harsh in order to break through tough debris inside a pipe, and this harshness not only helps break up debris but can also damage your pipes. Acid is an ingredient you might see in the solution, and when you place acid in your pipes, they can actually cause deterioration of the pipes. If you use this regularly, you might wear out your pipes from too much contact with the solution.

The fumes are toxic

Secondly, because the ingredients are so harsh, you should realize that you are exposing yourself and your family to toxic fumes. When you pour the cleaner into the drain, the fumes can rise and linger in your home. If you breathe these in, they can make you sick, yet there is nothing you can do to stop the fumes from naturally being there when using drain cleaning solutions.

The ingredients in them can damage your septic system

The other thing to realize is that the ingredients in drain cleaner can cause damage to your septic tank. Some of the ingredients might kill too much bacteria found in your septic tank. While this might seem good, it is not, because a septic system highly relies on having enough bacteria in it in order to work properly. Additionally, if you have a hole in your main sewer line, the drain cleaner could leak out into your yard, causing contamination to your water supply.

The next time you have a drain that is not working properly, you should consider trying a natural remedy to clear the line, or you could always call a plumber that offers drain cleaning services.

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