Well Pump Pressure Settings And Well Efficiency

When it comes to managing the pressure of the water flow from your well pump, it's easy for homeowners to inadvertently cause damage to the pump in their own attempts to adjust it. If you have been noticing pressure fluctuations or you want to get more pressure from your well pump, there are a few things that you need to know before you try to adjust it on your own.

Water Pressure Affects Pump Efficiency

The pressure of the water flowing through the pump can have a direct effect on the efficiency of the pump itself. If you increase the pressure setting on your pump beyond what the pump is actually rated to handle, it will strain the pump's internal components and can lead to premature pump failure and other long-term problems.

You Need To Balance Efficiency And Pressure

Ensuring that you don't damage your well pump with a pressure adjustment means understanding the balance between the pump's efficiency and its pressure output. It also means that you need to know the capacity and limitations of the pressure tank.

Since this isn't information that most homeowners readily know, it's in your best interest to talk with a well pump technician. He or she can assess your pump and your pressure tank to ensure that your pump's pressure output is within the optimal range for the pump and the well's operation. 

Routine Inspections Are Important

Since well pump pressure can fluctuate, you need to make sure that your pump stays consistent. The consistency ensures that your pump lasts you as long as possible. Schedule routine inspections for your well pump every year to help ensure that the system runs the way that it is supposed to.

Your well pump technician will also help you identify any potential problems that may be developing with your pump, pressure tank, and other components. These inspections and early detections are ideal for preventing pump and well failures that could prove costly.

He or she can also conduct routine maintenance during these appointments, including lubricating the pump, checking the lines, and more. These maintenance services will keep your water flowing on a regular basis.

The more you understand about your well pump's pressure settings and the effect on its efficiency, the easier it is to see that your pump's pressure adjustment needs to be done professionally. Talk with a well services technician near you today for more help and information.

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