Drain Cleaning Mistakes Homeowners Make

Cleaning your drains is supposed to be a simple straightforward affair. When you keep your drains clean, you eliminate the possibility of serious clogs at some point in the future. However, many homeowners make serious mistakes in their attempts to clean their drains. These mistakes may result in ineffective cleaning or even damage your plumbing in the long run. What are some of these mistakes you need to avoid?

Waiting Until the Drain is Clogged to Clean It

Drain cleaning is not something that should be done once you've noticed that water is not draining as quickly as it should be. These are activities that should be done to avoid that particular problem and many others.

You should be cleaning your drains on a regular basis whether you're seeing signs of blockage or not. You can always be sure that oil, fats, hair, and other debris are slowly accumulating in your drains. Regularly cleaning your drains will prevent these buildups from getting to the point where water can no longer pass freely.

Overusing Chemicals

There are several problems with the typical cleaning chemicals you find in the store. For starters, there are things chemicals won't be able to break down in a short amount of time. Secondly, these chemicals don't just break down the things that clog your pipes, they can also break down the pipes themselves. Over time, they can cause a significant amount of damage to your pipes.

Shoving Makeshift Tools Down the Drain

Many makeshift tools are not as effective as some people may claim. Wire coat hangers in place of an actual drain snake will not do as good a job as you need it to. In fact, it may not be able to reach the blockage or it may just push it further down the drain. There's also the possibility that these makeshift tools will get stuck in the drain, further complicating the issue.

Relying on Amateurs

When you have a serious drain blockage, relying on an amateur can be very costly in the long run. Amateur workmanship can leave you with damaged pipes or pipe joints. An amateur may also do a poor job that results in problems such as leaks in the near future.

In addition to this, an amateur may clear the problem but fail to properly diagnose the cause. If the issue is caused by something like a tree root, the repairs may only be temporary.

If you need help with your drains, contact a local plumbing contractor at a company like All Rooter Inc.

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