Five Different Types Of Portable Toilets For Your Next Event

Portable toilets are toilets that can be transported pretty much anywhere. You may have heard them referred to as "Porta-Potties," which is a well-known brand that makes portable toilets. The toilets are highly convenient and are typically found in places that bathrooms usually are not. They are rented from companies for events like weddings, festivals, and other large events held outdoors. There are several different types of portable toilets that you can choose from for your next event. This guide goes over different types of portable toilets and the included features.

Standard Toilet

The standard toilet is the most basic one there is. It is designed for one person at a time. It usually includes a toilet and a urinal. Since it is so small, most people opt for ordering several at once and lining them up next to each other. You should have at least one portable toilet per 20 guests. That way there will be enough and people won't be standing in line forever.


The deluxe model is just like the standard but it has one key difference – flushing. The toilet is designed to flush, which makes it a lot cleaner and nicer than the standard toilet that does not offer flushing. The standard toilet's contents will sit inside it until the end of the event when it is emptied, so it is dirtier and smellier. Your guests will be a lot happier with the deluxe option, but it may be quite a bit more expensive or harder to find.

ADA Compliant

Are any of your guests disabled? You should order at least two ADA-compliant portable toilets just in case. These toilets are designed to fit wheelchairs inside. There are also handrails located on three of the four walls inside to assist the guests with getting from the wheelchair to the toilet and back again. The ADA-compliant toilets should be located on the end of the row of toilets or even closer to the event than the others. Make sure there is a wheelchair-accessible path leading up to them..

Baby Changing Station

There are some portable toilets that come equipped with a baby changing station. It is a piece of plastic that folds down and is large enough for you to place your child on while you change their diaper. It is highly convenient if you are somewhere that doesn't have any other place to use for changing the baby.

Child Toilets

Portable toilets can be scary for little kids. The toilets are difficult to climb on and the hole underneath can be unnerving. You can solve this problem by ordering child-sized portable toilets. The toilets inside are lower to the ground and the toilet lid itself is smaller. There are also steps or small stools inside that the children can climb on to safely sit on the toilet.


If you are hosting an event, contact a local portable toilet company and request a quote. They will talk you through their available models so you can choose which kinds you want.

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