Three Common Commercial Drain Cleaning Services

Drains can become clogged or begin to operate improperly no matter where they are located, and the drains in your place of business are no exception. A clogged drain can do more than disrupt breaks and render a bathroom unusable: in extreme cases, clogs and damage within drains can cause severe property damage due to water damage and flooding that can happen as a result. Fortunately, there are several drain cleaning processes available for commercial drains that can help clear blockages and identify other problems before they grow too serious.

Video Inspections

Having a video inspection done of a problematic drain is perhaps the first and most important step that you should take. Video inspections involve lowering a camera on a long, extendable metal rope or line down the drain, giving you a live feed of the interior of your drain. This process allows you to determine where the clog is located, how large it is, and even identify other issues, like cracking, loose connections, and rust, without having to break apart your entire plumbing system to get a clear look at the interior of your pipes. While not actually a process that cleans your drains, video inspections are nonetheless worth their weight in gold due to the information that they can provide you, which allows you to choose the best course of action moving forward.

Drain Snaking

Drain snaking refers to lowering a metal cord with a bladed or sharp-tipped edge down the drain. The head of this cord is used to physically break through clogs of organic debris, gunk, and other contaminants, which may have clogged your drain and impeded the flow of water.

Drain snaking is effective because it is quick and does not require much equipment; however, it does come with the caveat that it can cause damage to your pipes, which may not be ideal if your plumbing is suffering from rust or other forms of physical damage. Further, drain snaking can cause sewage and organic debris to be brought back up with the snake, which is extremely unhygienic and will require proper cleaning.


Hydrojetting is an alternative to drain snaking that uses high-pressured water shot down your pipes to clear away debris. This is more effective than drain snaking, as the physical toll on your pipes is kept to a minimum, reducing the risk of a leak or damaged plumbing. Further, no debris is brought back up during the hydrojetting process, as everything is simply flushed away with the water. However, hydrojetting can be a more expensive and involved process since it does require several pieces of specialized equipment.

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