How To Avoid A Clogged Kitchen Drain This Summer

Now that summer is here, you might be thinking about cooking out, entertaining outdoors and just plain enjoying the weather. The last thing that you might want to deal with this summer is a clogged drain in your kitchen sink. These are a few tips that can help you prevent this.

Be Careful About Pouring Oils and Grease Down the Drain

For one thing, it's important to be careful about pouring oils and grease down your kitchen sink drain. This might not be something that you think about much during the summer since you might not be cooking a lot indoors. However, many popular BBQ foods can cause problems in your sink drain as well. For example, if you're serving salads with oily salad dressings like Italian or vinaigrettes, it's important not to pour these oily dressings down your drain. Pans with BBQ sauce and grease from cooked meats can also cause clogs as well. When in doubt, throw foods and liquids that you think might be oily or greasy out rather than pouring them down your drain.

Use Disposable Plates When Possible

Another tip to remember this summer is to use disposable plates when possible. This summer, you might be hosting a lot of backyard BBQs and might be having a lot more company over than usual. If you aren't careful, then you could end up with more scraps in your kitchen sink than your garbage disposal can deal with, which can lead to clogs. Encouraging your guests and your family to use disposable plates can help you ensure that more of these scraps end up in the garbage rather than overloading your garbage disposal and plumbing pipes. Plus, you won't have as much cleanup to worry about, so you'll have more fun for relaxing and enjoying the nice weather.

Use Your Compost Pile

If you have a compost pile, make use of it this summer. During the summer months, you and your family might be eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Even though this might be tasty and healthy for your family, certain produce can cause problems for your sink drains; for example, stringy corn-on-the-cob can wrap around things in your drain and pipes and cause clogs. By using your compost pile to get rid of scraps from your fresh fruits and vegetables, you can help prevent clogs in your kitchen sink drain and can create great compost to use in your yard later as well.

For more information, contact your local drain cleaning service. 

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