3 Tips To Save Money With Your Water Heater This Summer

Summer is a fun time that often leads to people going outside more often for various physical activities. But this can also lead to significantly higher water usage thanks to more frequent showers and loads of laundry. If you want to try and keep your energy costs down this summer, take a moment to take a close look at your water heater and make some adjustments if needed.

Lower the Temperature

When the temperature outside is frigid, it can feel absolutely amazing to step into the shower or slip into a bath offering just short of scalding hot water. This really isn't quite as important though in the summertime, and in fact if the temperature outside is very hot, you might even enjoy a cold shower from time to time. This means you can likely reduce the temperature that your water heater raises water to without feeling much of a difference. A lower temperature will help reduce the amount of time your water heater needs to operate, bringing your energy costs down in the process.

Check for Leaks More Often

It's a good idea to visually inspect your water heater at least once a month for signs of leaks, but you may want to give it a once over more often during the summer when it is in more frequent use. Even a small drip can be enough to significantly increase your water bill if it never stops. If the drip is small enough, you might not even notice the problem thanks to evaporation, which is why you need to actually go and visually inspect the entire area.

Get a Professional Inspection

For best results, you should hire a water heater repair service to come out at the start of summer and perform a full inspection. Yes, you can look for leaks outside the heater, but you might not be familiar with what's going on inside the unit. A water heater specialist can do things like remove corrosion and replace internal parts to help ensure your water heater is running as smoothly as possible.

If you want to save money on your water and heating bills this summer, keep a close eye on your water heater. Check for leaks at least once a month if not more frequently, and consider reducing the temperature that the water is heated to. For best results, reach out to a local plumber to conduct a full water heater inspection at least once a year.

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