The Common Problems Of Residential Radiators

When the radiators to a heating system become problematic, many things can be the cause. Various parts work together to make a radiator produce heat. Making a diagnose can easily be done based on the type of problems that you have been noticing. For instance, no heat coming from the radiator might be directly related to the boiler needing some attention from a plumber. Take a look at the content below to gain an understanding of the common problems that can develop with a residential heating system that uses radiators. 

No Hot Water Flows from the Boiler

If a boiler isn't producing hot water, there might be an issue with the thermostat. Ask a plumber to examine the thermostat to determine if it is old and if repairs are possible. Your boiler might need a new thermostat installed so water can begin heating up to the right temperature. No hot water can also be the result of the boiler pilot not being ignited, which is usually an easy problem to fix. There is a thermocouple on gas boilers that can be the root of the problem as well.

The Radiator Feels Cold at the Top

If you have noticed that the top area of your radiator is a lot cooler than the bottom area, it points to a possible problem needing attention. Heat might not be flowing from the radiator to the fullest extent, which means that it is likely taking longer than usual for your house to warm up. The problem with the radiator is possible that hot water is being distributed throughout it in an even manner. Several things might be necessary for resolving the problem, such as replacing rusty pipes. The radiator might also need to get flushed if a lot of air has accumulated in the system and is trapped.

There is No Heat Coming from Radiators

If you are unable to feel any heat coming from the radiators, the pump might be in need of a professional repair. There is also the possibility that the radiators haven't been cleaned in a long time and has too much dirt for air to flow through as it should. There might be damaged parts that must be replaced before the radiators will produce heat. Keep in mind that radiators can become old and need to be replaced as well. A plumber can diagnose problems and make repairs in no time.

For more information, contact your local heating contractors.

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