Things To Consider When Installing A Tankless Water Heater At Your Business

Need to install a water heater at your business? You may be considering a tankless model instead of a traditional water tank. It makes sense since the hot water is not used for cleaning or bathing like it is in the home, and you would otherwise be paying for a hot water tank to keep the water warm during the evenings and weekends when nobody is at the office. Here are two things to think about when considering a tankless heater.

The Climate

One thing many people do not think about with a tankless water heater is the climate that your building is in. Groundwater temperatures affect how cold water is when it comes into your business, and colder water is more difficult to heat up than warmer water.

For example, groundwater temperatures throughout the Southeast region of the US will be warmer than groundwater temperatures in the north. Northern groundwater temperatures may be slightly above freezing at certain times in the year, making it harder for a tankless water heater to get the water temperature hot enough to enjoy.

This may be okay for a business when you are not using the water for long showers, since common uses include hot water for sinks to wash your hands. However, if your business depends on hot water all year round, the climate is something to consider. A traditional tank will be much better at producing hot water when you need it in colder climates.

The Existing Utility Lines

Many businesses don't have a gas line running to the building. After all, there is no need for gas utilities like a stove or dryer, and the office may have been getting by on an electric hot water heater for years.

Tankless hot water heaters come in models that run on electricity or natural gas, and the existing utility lines you have may play into your purchasing decision. While electric tankless water heaters are cheaper to purchase, you really see some additional savings over the years by using a natural gas model. However, installing a natural gas line can be quite expensive when the building doesn't already have one.

If the desire for making the switch to a tankless model is to make a change that is better for the environment, an electric model will be the best choice. It has a smaller carbon footprint and does not produce greenhouse gases.

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