Three Home Upgrades That Really Benefit You When You're About To Have Kids

When you have kids, everything changes. However, that does not mean life has to get harder. If you make a few home upgrades now, you can ensure that your home remains easy and enjoyable to live in even after your family grows. Here are three key home upgrades that really benefit you when you're about to have kids:

Install a tankless hot water heater.

You and your partner may both be able to shower without using up all of the hot water now. But when you have a couple little ones to wash, too, you're likely to run out of hot water before everyone is clean. And then there are dishes to wash and loads of laundry to do. Upgrading to a tankless hot water heater will make bath and shower time so much easier when you have kids. Tankless hot water heaters warm water on-demand, so you have an endless supply of hot water rather than just one tankful. Everyone can shower back-to-back and nobody will have to take a cold one.

Tankless hot water heaters are also an energy-efficient choice since they don't hold hot water when it's not needed. This is always good news when you're trying to save money to feed a growing family.

Install a laundry tub.

If you do not already have laundry tubs, it's worthwhile to install one in your basement. This way, when the kids come in all dirty and muddy, you can wash them (and their clothes) off in the laundry sink rather than getting your nice bathroom all dirty. Keep in mind that if your washer empties directly into a drain rather than into a tub, you can always just install a separate bathtub downstairs and use it as your "outdoorsy" tub.

Close off your stairways.

Open stairways are very stylish right now, but they are not the safest choice for kids. When you have toddlers around, you're going to want the ability to close off your staircases so the kids can't accidentally tumble down them. If installing doors across your stairs is not an option due to the layout, you can at least have a swinging gate installed at the top of each staircase. You can keep it latched closed whenever the kids are at the top of the stairs, providing safety. Make sure you choose swinging gates that are childproof and tough for kids to open on their own. 

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