A Few Simple Ways To Maintain Commercial Plumbing

The plumbing in a commercial building is one of the most vital aspects of allowing any company to run smoothly. It is impossible to operate from a building that does not have proper plumbing, so it is important that the plumbing is maintained properly at all times. There are a few different things that you can do that will help you maintain the plumbing through the entire building, and most of them are very simple. Here are just a few of the best ways to keep the plumbing in a commercial building up and running:

Garbage Cans

It may sound like a silly solution, but a garbage can is one of the very best ways to keep a plumbing system up and running properly. Most of the time a clog in a drain will occur to either mineral buildup or garbage. Most commonly the clog will be caused by a person throwing away a paper towel into the toilet. This can be extremely annoying. If you have garbage cans that are accessible throughout the building and through the entire bathroom, you are much less likely to find that your pipes are clogged up with some sort of garbage. 

Custodial Crew

Another way that you can really help protect the plumbing in your commercial building is by hiring a custodial crew to come in and clean the building a few nights a week. The crew can be responsible for routine cleaning of all sinks and toilets. Once again they will be responsible and have the ability to clean out any clogs that appear. By cleaning out the sinks and the drains a few times a week the likelihood of a major clog occurring is very slim. Something as simple as having a custodial crew keeping the sinks and the drains cleaned can really help maintain a good plumbing system. 


It is great to have your custodial crew cleaning everything, but your furnace, air conditioning system, and water need to be checked regularly as well. At least two times a year it is wise to have a plumber come and inspect all of the major parts of each system. A small check-up twice a year may turn up a small problem that could have turned into a major problem. You do not want any of your plumbing to go south. Simple things can go a long way in the preventative maintenance of your commercial building. 

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