Renovating An Unfinished Bathroom

Did you purchase a house that has an unfinished bathroom in it? If you have left the bathroom in the same condition because you have no renovation skills, the project might not be as difficult as you think. No matter the condition that your bathroom is in, it can be completed in a timely manner if you get professional assistance. All you need to do is put a plan in place to get the project started. Use this article as a guide for renovating your unfinished bathroom so you can begin using it:

1. Get Design Advice from an Interior Decorator

Coming up with a nice design is the first step to finishing off your bathroom. An interior decorator can help you with deciding where fixtures should be located, the type of flooring materials that should be used, and every other aspect of the project. He or she can also be helpful when you are ready to obtain the materials as well. For example, the designer can actually go shopping for you.

2. Find Out if You Need Any Permits for the Project

Even though you purchased your house and is the owner, some changes to the bathroom might require permits. You can actually get fined or have to undo changes that are made if anything that requires a permit is done without you getting permission. For example, if you want to expand the walls of your bathroom towards a neighbors house, it might require getting a permit.

3. Hire a Plumber to Install Pipes for Fixtures

An important aspect of renovating a bathroom is the plumbing system. If there are no plumbing lines in the walls, or if they are not in the correct location, you will need assistance from a plumber. He or she can install pipes in any area of the walls that you need them. Keep in mind that a plumber can also install your fixtures, such as the sink, toilet, tub, and shower.

4. Bring in Contractors for Tasks That You Can't Complete

After an interior designer and plumber have provided you with their services, you might need to hire additional contractors to complete the project. An electrician might need to be hired for wiring your light fixtures, outlets, and switches. A drywall contractor might also be needed. The type of contractors that you will need for your project depends on the kind of work that is being done.  

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