What Are The Steps Involved In Adding A Bathroom To Create A Bedroom Ensuite?

Everyone loves to have their own private bathroom, which is why creating a bedroom/bathroom ensuite is such a valuable renovation. Here are the steps you will need to complete in order to have a successful remodel:

Measure Out the Spacing

If you will be taking the area for the bathroom out of the bedroom itself, make sure you get some plans from an architect or construction team. The new bathroom may end up taking more space than you intended when you account for walls and doorway space. It's always good to have a plan in hand to keep the bathroom compact.

Consult a Plumbing Specialist

You will certainly need some new plumbing hookups for your bathroom. The price for this will vary greatly depending on the location of your current plumbing pipes. The installation will involve a shutdown of your water for a period of time, and your plumbing repairs specialist may need to tear away some building materials to access the existing plumbing pipes.

You can choose the correct plumbing fixtures in conjunction with your plumber. Each fixture will have a different installation cost, based on the hookups needed. This is an area not to withhold your budget from, since installing different plumbing fixtures later will be costly. Consider whether you will use a bathtub enough to warrant the maintenance costs involved, such as refinishing and cleaning on a weekly basis. Otherwise, glass shower enclosures are a great choice.

Choose Flooring

You might need to also reconsider the flooring of your new bathroom, especially if the bedroom was originally carpeted. Perhaps you can tear away the flooring to reveal a hardwood floor. Having it laminated will keep you from experiencing splinters. Synthetic tiles can be an affordable option as well, and it's easier to keep clean. Plus, you might choose subway tiles as an accent finish for the walls, as well, creating a matching design scheme that others will envy. Heated flooring options are something to consider for bathrooms and bedrooms, especially. 

Choosing Finishes

Choosing matching finishes for your toilet, sinks, cabinets, towel hangers, and other accessories within your bathroom is a great finishing touch. Stick with a color scheme that you can use to flawlessly choose your soft furnishings, such as towels and bath mats. Choosing signature scents for your soap, aromatherapy, and bath bubbles is the final step to create luxury for yourself in your new bathroom ensuite.

Contact local plumbing repairs and installation services for more information and assistance. 

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