Problems Water Heaters Can Be Prone To Developing

You may not give your home's water heater much thought or attention. While it is true that water heaters will not often require much attention, there are some problems that these systems may experience. If you have a competent understanding of the more routine problems that a water heater will experience,

Faulty Burner Or Heating Elements

For those with gas or oil water heaters, a burner will be responsible for generating the heat to warm the water. When you notice that your gas or oil water heater is not generating sufficiently hot water, you should inspect the burner to ensure it is clear of soot or resin. Electric water heaters will utilize a series of heating elements on the interior that will be responsible for generating the heat. Unfortunately, faulty heating elements can be difficult to access, and you may need to have them inspected by a professional technician if you encounter this problem.


Due to the large amounts of water that these devices will manage, leaks are a constant threat. Sadly, individuals often fail to inspect their water heaters for this problem, and if the water heater is located in a rarely used part of the home, it may be weeks or months before leaks are discovered. These leaks can form due to seals failing, corrosion weakening the exterior or any other range of problems.

Discolored Water

There may come a day when you find that the water coming from your faucets will be discolored. While it can be easy to automatically assume that this is caused by a major problem, it could simply be due to sediment being in the water heater. A professional cleaning of the water heater will remove these sediments, and if this was the cause of the discoloration, it should be corrected by this procedure. You can avoid this problem in the future by having the water heater cleaned every few years.

Low Water Pressure

Finding that the pressure coming from your faucets has suddenly dropped can be another common issue to encounter. When a home has hard water, there can be large amounts of minerals that gather in the tank and tubing of the water heater. If this is allowed to occur, the amount of water that comes from the tank can gradually decrease as these deposits grow. Unfortunately, there is no simple way of correcting the problems caused by hard water without installing a water softening system. While this will be a major investment, it will keep your water heater and other plumbing fixtures safe, which can make it an expense worth paying.

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