Need A New Water Heater? How To Ensure A Smooth Installation

Is your old water heater on the verge of needing replacement? It will be better to replace the unit before the entire heater breaks down. These tips will help ensure that the replacement process goes smoothly.

Select The Replacement Unit

Replacing a water heater is not as simple as buying a new one. There are differences between models that can require more work to replace the water heater.

For instance, if you are making the shift to a larger water heater to accommodate a growing family, you need to have the proper gas line in place. Your old water heater may have operated just fine with the ¾" gas line that runs to it, but the new hot water heater may require a larger 1 ½" gas line to run properly.

Other considerations include the need to install additional utility lines. You may be replacing your old hot water heater with a new model that has a power vent. The vent will require electricity to operate, which requires an outlet installed near the water heater if one does not currently exist.

These are all considerations that can complicate the installation if you selected your hot water heater without much thought.

Get A Consultation

If you are having a professional handle the entire replacement process for you, insist on having them visit your home for a consultation. Seeing the site of the water heater installation can help give you a more accurate quote and catch problems early on.

A professional plumber will be able to catch any potential problems with the gas line before the project begins, and work the cost into your initial quote so that there are no surprises. If you are moving the hot water tank to a new location when replacing it, a plumber can let you know of potential problems with how the unit will vent or with running lines to a new place in your home.

Stay To Supervise

Plumbers often give you the option to leave them a key to your house so the entire installation can be performed while you are at work. This is one project that you should consider staying home to supervise. It will help you catch potential problems with the installation before the unit is installed. For example, you may want the unit rotated so that the drain is in a convenient location for you. This will help you flush the tank and remove sediment over the years when performing regular maintenance.

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