3 Advantages Of Using A Portable Air Conditioning Unit To Cool Off Your Guest House

A small space does not need a large central air conditioning unit to keep it cool. If you have a small guest house on your property, you can keep it cool with a portable air conditioning unit. Portable air conditioning units offer multiple advantages. The units are affordably priced, easy to set-up, and multi-functional.

#1 Affordable

If you want to install a central air conditioning system in your guest house, you are going to have to purchase the actual air conditioning unit, a thermostat and vent covers for your guest house. You are going to have to pay someone to install ductwork throughout your guest house and set-up the air conditioning unit.

With a portable air conditioning unit, your only cost is the unit itself. You can set-up the unit yourself, or pay an HVAC expert for an hour of their time to set-up the unit for you. Either way, you'll save yourself a lot of money compared to the purchasing and installation cost of a traditional air conditioning unit.

If you want to vent the unit through a wall vent instead of through a window, you can have an HVAC specialist install an air vent in any room where you want to set-up the portable unit.

#2 Portable

Portable air conditioning units are great because they are easy to move around. Most portable air conditioning units have a set of wheels on them, which make it easy for even small adults to push the unit and move it into another room.

The only caveat is that you need to have a place to vent the unit. You can vent the hot air from the unit through a window screen or a wall vent. If you want the bedroom extra cool while you sleep, you can easily wheel the unit into your bedroom. Or if you planning on spending the day in the kitchen, you can move the unit into the kitchen while you cook.

This is perfect for a small space where you may only want to cool down one area at a time. You can also use this unit to cool off your entire guesthouse as well.

#3 Multi-Functional

Most portable air conditioning units are multi-functional. They also remove humidity from the air cooling down your space. If you live somewhere that gets hot and humid in the summertime, this is a great feature. Humidity can make the air feel so much hotter and stickier than it actually is.

Some portable air conditioning units also function as heaters. You have to pay a little more for this type of unit, but it allows you to get both heating and cooling benefits out of the same unit. 

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